Tax Structures

Business Tax Structures

Are you running your business under the right structure?

If you run a business, quite often time is not your friend. However, you need to consider the Business Tax Structure that you are trading under. Basically, are you operating as a Sole Trader ( individual ) or have you registered a company or trust.

Australian Tax Laws are among the most complex in the world. There are always trade offs no matter which structure you operate under. It is difficult to anticipate future events but the following questions do impact on the best structure for you:-

Is there any potential to sell my business and make a Capital Gain?

Is my industry very litigious and expose my personal assets?

How much profit will my business make year to year?

Am i single, married or have kids?

No structure can address all of the above.

Does your Business Tax Structure work for you? | Are your assets in the right Entity Names? 


Trading under a corporate entity has many advantages.


Considering tax minimization and asset protection? There are many trust types to consider


Simple, Easy & Cost Effective way to operate a business. Is your family home being exposed?

Self Managed Super Funds

Would you rather manage your own retirement Assets? What is involved and what are my roles as Trustees

Sole Traders

Simple and Cheap setup. Great for small trades or contractors. Need an ABN?

Business Names & Domains

What are my rights? Is my intellectual property protected by having a business name?

It takes courage to start a new business or run an existing business.

Tax laws are constantly changing which may impact your structure.

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